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Real Estate Blockchain Expo 2018

RBE 2018 Sponser

Prime ₩100,000,000 Option1
Diamond ₩50,000,000 Option1
Platinum ₩35,000,000 Option1
Gold ₩20,000,000 Option1
Silver ₩10,000,000 Block Type Only

Included Service in Sponsorship Package

Benefit Prime Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
Keynote Speech / Pitching 30min 20min 15min 10min Pitching(5min)
Panel Discussion
Ads on RBE 2018 Guidebook
Company Description on RBE 2018 Guidebook
Exposing Company Logo as a Sponsor
on RBE 2018 Website
Online Ads on RBE 2018 Website
Emailing Campaign
Company Name Exposure in Newsletters
of Realty Expo Korea 2018
Logo Exposure during the Expo
Article Released on
‘The Korea Economic Daily’ & ‘’
Interview Article Released by Domestic (Korean) Press
Article Released by Domestic/International Press Domestic/International total 100 Domestic 5
Video Filming Service during the Expo
(Filmed by Hangyeong TV)
3-Day Conference Pass (50% DC with Additional Purchase) 50 40 30 20 10
VIP Networking Party Ticket
(50% DC with Additional Purchase)
15 10 5 3 1
Opening Ceremony Event VIP Ticket